What recently happened on wallabag.it

It’s been a long time that I didn’t write some news here. It’s because I have a lot of work on wallabag.it.


As you can see, we changed the blog. Technically, it was before based on wordpress, a famous blog engine. But for a little blog like ours, it was a little bit overkilled. Today, it’s a static website. Sources are available on Framagit.org.

Recent unavailabilities and optimizations

Maybe you saw that wallabag.it was unavailable on Thursday, 16 February.

We had a full disk space issue. We needed to see with our web hoster, web4all.fr, to increase the disk size. Today, this issue is fixed.

During the last weeks, we also worked on optimizations for import processing. We optimized our database and wallabag to offer you comfort while you import your data from other services.

And just to be clear: it’s not because wallabag.it only costs one coffee a month that you must have a cheap service. We want privacy and quality for all of our users.

Discount time: last days! Hurry up!

wallabag.it was launched on December 2016. During three months, the subscription is only €9. On 1st March, the subscription will be €12. So hurry up, create your account on wallabag.it!

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