How do I configure the wallabagger addon for Firefox, Chrome or Safari?

We wrote a tutorial for that, you can read it here.

I found a website which is not well displayed. What can I do?

You can send us an email or open a new issue on GitHub.

How do I configure my smartphone application?

You need to install the application on your smartphone. Then you need to create a new API client. Follow the steps on your smartphone and it should be OK.

How can I change the language of the wallabag interface?

On the configuration page of your wallabag account, you can change the language (and so many other options).

How can I configure a website with a paywall?

Because wallabag can fetch articles on websites with paywall, you need to configure your credentials in the Site credentials part of your account.

In the host field, you just need to put the domain name without the https://www. part. For example,

Your credentials are stored in our database in an encrypted way: just remember that wallabag is an open source app so you can check that by yourself! We won't (and we can't) use your data.

List of supported websites


I have too much unread articles. Can wallabag help me to read them?

Sorry, not yet ;-)