Eight annual subscriptions to win

wallabag is an application for saving web pages: save and classify articles. Read them later. Unlike its competitors, wallabag respects your privacy.

wallabag was born in april 2013. Eight years old, wow.

wallabag.it is a service to easily use wallabag: no need to have technical knowledge!

And because it’s the wallabag’s birthday, we will offer you gifts. Eight gifts.

Eight annual subscriptions.

How to play?

  • Create an account on app.wallabag.it
  • Send us an email at birthday8@wallabag.it with your username
  • We will do a draw on Saturday April 10 at 12pm (GMT+2). Eight accounts will earn an annual subscription.
  • If you are already a wallabag.it customer, you can play and win: your subscription will be extended.

Have a nice day!

Nicolas, from wallabag.it

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