December 2020: what's new on


Some news for the last week on

Dark side of wallabag

wallabag has finally a dark mode. You can enable it by clicking on the account icon.

Bugs fixed

This new version fixes a lot of bugs (you can see the changelog here)

Import tags from Pocket

When you imported data from Pocket, the tags weren't fetched. It's now fixed.


I changed my billing tool. Now I use a self hosted and opensource application (Invoice Ninja). Some changes for you: for example, when you receive your invoice, you can now have a dashboard with your old invoices.

A financial summary for (in french, sorry)

I wrote a blog post on my personnal blog about the 4 years of You can read it here:

It's now the time to me to wish an happy end of year. Take care of you.

Nicolas (

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